Drafts for package and label design
Many steps no end
The cosmetic company TAXOR in Berlin asked me to create a sign/logo for a new product they wanted to come up with. Nothing spectacular – a simple bottle and package appearance.
The product is a bath supplement with natural herbs supporting health and wellness for the body.

The company came up with the name Benedikt Klostergarten in reference to the monks and their knowledge in using herbs for healing. This was the basic for the sign.
I started with several ideas, trying shapes, colours, lettertypes and decorations. My first monk they didn't like because he wasn't serious enough, too much like a comic they thought.

I drew another character and put him into the different drafts. They all  were done as vector illustrations.
When the shape of a seal was more and more preferred I painted the monk, gave him different clothes, standing upright with a book and a writing feather.
It became the favourit and then I started creating the bottle label and package design, combining the seal/sign with a ribbon.

All illustrations, layouts and retouching for the picture dummies are done by myself. The lettertype for the last version is called Olicana Rough.

Until now TAXOR didn't go into producing and probable will not because of inner problems in the company but it still was a lot of fun working on this project.