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    A selection of photos in prison
Over the course of two years I worked in various prisons in and around London volunteering for a course for inmates which focuses on Restorative Justice.  Many people have the impression that prison in the UK is an easy ride and a waste of taxpayers money.  While I have seen firsthand the appalling conditions of prisons abroad in comparison, and while I would also be the first to recognise the high rate of reoffending, reflecting the inablity of a prison to do it's job - prison is still prison.  It's true that you can get pretty much whatever you want 'inside' but you are robbed of much more.  Added to that, it's clear statistically that it's aim to rehabilitate criminals is failing.  
Prison is a lonely, heartless, isolating institution and I have witnessed the negative impact it can have on an individual.  With this project I wanted to reflect that feeling.