VTB Arena
Exhibition & Signage

VTB Arena and Lev Yashin Dinamo Stadium is a new sports complex, which is based on the famous historical football stadium Dynamo. 
It was under reconstruction from 2008 till 2018. 
We spent more than a year to make this wayfinding project. The system includes more than 90 types of wayfinding carries and the final number of layouts exceeds 13.000. 
This allowed us to create a complex information space for each user category.

Art Direction: Andrey Trukhan
Analytics: Fiodor Ivanenko
Project Management: Elena Gula
Graphic Design: Boris Alaev, Anna Nekrasova
Map Design: Alexander Pivovarov
Icon Design: Tolya Doodko

VTB Arena
Multiple Owners
ZOLOTO group