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New beta - Key visual design direction
Battle field 3.0, a new chapter has begun! The dark lord has returned, threatening to engulf the world in dark ness. Andura crystals appear in masse from the ground, and the forces of light have been driven to the brink. As the world of Athanor changes, we have taken another step forward with our visual design, and introducing the new enchantment system for an even richer gaming experience.​​​​​​​​​​​​​
A refreshed interfaced with a brand new logo and color combinations for a simple and clear layout that is both attractive and practical. Improved dynamic lighting delivers a superior visual experience across all graphic quality settings without any performance impact.
4 enchantment masteries, corresponding to the four major factions of Athanor: Lokheim, Veda, Afata and League of Humans. They each correspond to different build class skills: Warrior / Assassin, Marksman / Mage, Tank / Support and creative strategies.
Completely new UI! Most game menus are simpler and identical now, making it easier to navigate and faster for certain screens to load.
The updated Arcana system will have a unified naming scheme. All Arcana slots are unlocked when the feature is unlocked at Lv.7. They are no longer unlocked one by one. 8 common Arcana builds will be preset to corresponding heroes.
The monster and layout tweaks have been done with an eye towards keeping pacing up to Lv.4 and overall efficiency consistent with pre-update. All these changes will improve the overall experience.
Each hero must pick a primary mastery and a core Enchantment. Once you have chosen a primary mastery, the other 3 masteries become
secondary options.
AOV has not stopped releasing new heroes and high-end skins.​​​​​​​

TYPE: Key visual
GAME: Arena of Valor (Liên Quân Mobile)
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GAMES | AOV - Visual system


GAMES | AOV - Visual system