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360° magazine
360° magazine is one of the very few
extreme & active
 living oriented magazines in Bulgaria. 
Till recently it was free pocket size mag, but since the levels 
of attention to outdoor & extreme sports start climbing, 
it was time to get out
of the pocket and hit streets! 
The content - bold, brave and powerful 
in a need of a new layout, fonts and design. 
With athletes from around world including RED BULL's 
top notch stars, adventurers, photographers 
and pretty much the most interesting people all over! 
Less is more - once a season, it will bring 
 the newest & hottest achievements in sports, nature & culture on  
100% recycled  highest quality paper Dalum (Denmark), 
using only nature friendly technology European Flower, 
Nordic, German Blue Angel and Napm.  
but how to make people 
keep & respect  
every issue was an challenge. 
But with big size,
comes big responsibility!
cyrilic fonts are hard to buy / find, so ...
 cover photo : Veselin Ovcharov

 cover spring 2015: Kiril Nikolov DISL
photography by: Yanne Golev
360 dynamic identity #1
360° editorial
360 dynamic identity #4
advertisment for walltopia
360 dynamic identity #2
360° magazine


360° magazine

360 magazine editorial & layout deisgn + type design and custom font "360 HEAVY" all rights reseved # 2013