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    A revitalised packaging design for Norway´s favourite chocolate bar
Freia Milk Chocolate Range
Packaging design
Freia Melkesjokolade is the biggest chocolate brand in Norway and well loved - it is often called "et lite stykke norge" or "a little piece of Norway".
The brand icon, the 200g tablet, leads the Freia tablet portfolio. As market leader it is important to stay revitalized and relevant to the consumer and fight back increasing competition. Through research we saw there was a disconnect between how people thought the remembered this quite iconic brand and how it really looked. To bridge this gap. SDG found a solution which strengthened the brand and helped revitalise the portfolio.
The final updated design is a timeless tribute to the Norwegian landscape. New realistic-looking mountains were created, inspired by the Valdres mountains. We replaced the “clip art style” cows on the packaging, with naturalistic grazing Norwegian cows. We managed to create "a little piece of Norway" that truly matched people´s perceptions.