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    A bubbly new milk chocolate tablet for the Norwegian market
Freia Bubble milk chocolate - Boble
Packaging design
SDG has worked with Freia for many years and took on an exciting new project in 2012 - to create a new milk chocolate product. This tablet had an entirely new form and was filled with airy bubbles - making it a whole new taste experience. It also needed a new name and visual identity. We developed a new name “Boble, Bubble in Norwegian” that playfully and clearly signaled the products difference from a normal chocolate bar.
The design itself lays a lot of emphasis on the roundness and playfulness of the new chocolate, the bubbles themselves are represented on a substantial part of the pack to communicate the differences of this chocolate. The roundness was brought into the product logo itself to emphasise the relationship between pack and product and also strengthen the overall impression of round softness. 
The iconic Freia Stork is literally flying over the Valdres Mountains, closely watched by the surprised Freia Melkesjokolade cows.