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    Integrated campaign development for Tamkeen Bahrain.
integrated campaign development
Tamkeen was established in August 2006 as part of Bahrain’s national reform initiatives and Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, and is tasked with supporting Bahrain’s private sector and positioning it as the key driver of economic development.
Empowering Bahrainis to prosper and contribute to the national economy.
Create opportunities for Bahraini individuals and enterprises in Bahrain to develop
1. Making Bahrainis the employee of choice for semi-skilled and skilled professions
2. Making enterprises in Bahrain more resourceful to capture market opportunities

To create an integrated communication for Tamkeen.

The concept is about average Bahraini citizens, who want to achieve higher standard of living
(better car, new clothes or whatever motivates them etc...), but something impedes them to do that. There is always an obstacle, which doesn’t allow them to reach their dreams. Their hands are tied up, because they do not work, so they unable to move forward financially. Tamkeen can help them loosen the knot, eliminate
being tied.
In the first step we want to involve our target group by emphasizing the key problem of their life. We present situations that they have probably experienced before. We show attractive objects that they are also unable to achieve in their present lives.
We show people who’s hands are tied up, who cannot reach their goals, so they cannot fulfill their dreams either. We use ties in a negative sense, which don’t let Bahraini citizens reach what they really aspire.
In the teaser period we do not offer a solution to these situations. The key objective is only to grab the attention of the targeted people by showing attractive aims, and by giving a headline which makes them stop and think: Do you want to get rid of ties? Do you feel that you cannot reach your dreams?
In the key visual there are always two people, the main figure who is striving to reach their own dreams and goals, and the other figure who would be able to offer the embodiment of these dreams: e.g. the keys to the key to an aspirational new car in the background, branded goods or even a diploma.
The desired result would be reached through a handshake, but the main figure is held back by the ties, preventing this from happening.
We show the ideal solution which gives a positive answer to the question.
The key visuals are a repeat of the visuals used in the teaser phase, but now we can also wee
the solution: cutting the ties. And of course for help in doing this, there is Tamkeen.
Now that the scissors that represent Tamkeen have cut the ribbon, it is possible for the handshake to take place and everybody can reach their desired aim. The ribbon is a symbol for being tied, which is cut by the scissors that represent Tamkeen, opening up the road to dreams.
Teaser phase
Campaign phase
Cutting lines are existing also on the streets. We have to put only a scissor on the asphalt, and by looking at it everybody will associate to Tamkeen. URL on the pavement just help to make the connection.
We put street-scissors in front of major office building that represent a top career. But to get in, to reach these career aims, Tamkeen scissor is necessary to cut the ties that are coming from the other side of the street, and fail us to get in the desired workplace.
Teaser phase
We transform the employment contract installation used during the teaser phase. The scissor icon representing Tamkeen appears, and symbolically cuts the short ribbon that holds the pen, so now it’s possible to write with it. Instead of the employment contract, real application forms are put out so that people may apply for the projects set up by Tamkeen and sign up for the newsletter, to get more information in future about current opportunities. It would be worth Tamkeen going out to the shopping center at the same time as the installation is converted, so that Tamkeen employees can help people with information
and with filling out the applications.
Campaign phase
A desired object is shown on a billboard banner, such as an aspirational car that a lot of people would like to own. Due to the central position of the banner it should raise the attention of lots of people, and lots of people will want to know more or even have the car. However, when they move the mouse over the car, a ribbon appears on it and stops the user from reaching the car with the cursor. Trying from all sides of the banner, the same situation arises, with the ribbon preventing the cursor from clicking on the desired object.
Then the Tamkeen logo appears under the cursor (wherever it is on the banner), and clicking
on the logo causes a scissor icon to appear, which cuts the ribbon that held the cursor back,
allowing the user to reach the car.
In this phase ties, which used to be barriers in the first phase, now become links between all the Bahrainis, who has the same goal: higher standard of living. Tamkeen provides this link, by its programmes, which cause rising not only individuals and enterprises, but the whole economy and society as well.
Common aims lead to a prosperous future.
Central symbol: the ribbon, as a symbol of realized opportunities and achieved aims. In reference to the entire population of Bahrain, there are now several people holding ribbons in their hands, and the ribbons form the shape of the outline of Bahrain or the name Bahrain, or any other shape that represents Bahrain as a whole. In other words Tamkeen offers solutions not just at the individual level, but also
for the whole community of Bahrain.
The application provides up-to-date information about news, events, programmes and also lets users to ask questions about Tamkeen.