This Is™ Humility 2019 (1/2: Stationery)

This Is™ Humility 2019 Re-Extension
This Is Humility™ (Part 1/2: Parent branding Identity)

This Is™ a budget-conscious foods brand, sans advertising and visual egoism. The melding of human needs and pragmatism. An identity that respects one essence - nutritional accessibility. Welcome to the anti-thesis of advertising.

Context (1/2)
The true end of aesthetic simplicity. 

From clothing, everyday foods, amenities and consumables - "no name" labels have gained traction amidst growing concerns of Structural Violence. No other time in history of advertising; have visualisation & marketing - are both increasingly received as nothing more than esoteric gimmickry.

The rationale for This Is™ Humility was first idealised in 2013; as series of the above life-long observations & contemplations. How Marketing elitism adversely both dictates and coerces how we perceive and receive - consumable resources.

Hence, there brews a need for a concept "social-awareness" branding philosophy serving two (2) aspects. Firstly to reconcile the Authenticity of many Foods' (or Goods) purpose at sustaining and supporting Life (and nothing more). And secondly - as conscious reminder that binary competing sentiment/s as "Good" or "Bad" - is irrelevant, futile and dubious pursuit - at comprehending Nutritional Science. 

Hence, the naming of This Is™ as concept branding initiative, was born in 2014. Beginning as crudely DIY self-printed 80pg book of nutritional frugality to now a full featured, free-to-view 200pg+ book with over 100+ citations and references. Aimed at imploring individualised stance of Nutritional Science whilst examining dubious implications of our currently institutionalised, pedestrian living. 

A separate branding concept identity at highlighting and addressing the above turbulences and concerns were established in late 2016. Thus beckoned This Author to have branded that separate "Philosophical" visual identity - as "Nutritional Humility™".  

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Context (2/2)
The selling point - the product. And its user.

For likely the first time in history of visual "marketing" - we have a "brand" that does not impede - accessibility to all its consumables.

At its mechanistic intent, This is™ - is a minimalist, typographic, modular brand that connects itself implicitly to the product it tries to promote. There is simply no other ways at differentiating "This Is" as simply a linguistic device as that - linearly describing / expressing what a "product" "is". Nothing more, nothing less. 

Yet elitism remains perpetuated today; all around us - coercing how we *should* perceive goods, products or services. We live in an age so brainwashed into thinking that just because we have choices of different "brands", such assures us an age of "diversity" and thus privileged - prosperity. This however, is nothing but a perpetuation of the sentiment "spoiled for choice". 

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Typography & Colour
Stern, yet liberal. Bold, yet unassuming.

The most prominent addition here in this 2019 re-extension is a highlight typeface to promote dynamism and to draw more thematic sterns of this branding initiative's vocal contemplations. Purposefully similar to the 2015's old incorporation of "GEO" typeface.  Here, the serif typeface "LORA" is introduced for accentuating feature pull-outs. 

The remaining typography are left unchanged since 2017 prior update (replacing "GEO" in 2015 with Rajdhani). To reiterate - "Rajdhani" for Display / A/B/C level headers and feature openers. And "Asap" for body copies. Stern yet eloquent. Approachable yet restrained; this pairing implore assertions in an industrial manner, whilst the curvatures of the body copy "Asap" help softens the stoic rigidity of Rajdhani. 

Colour selections / theory is likely to be a never ending debatable subject in "Marketing". The aim of This Is™ as an  unbiased nutritional advocacy is to (likewise) unbiasedly express the product it portrays. The addition and advent of colour scheme/s however; unnecessarily adds infinite variabilities to interpretations. At its most only pragmatic intent - This Is™ operates under the feeling of industrial security; alongside assured confidence and authenticity of no particular bias. Hence, the dark primary Pantone 433C is chosen as the base primary colour.

Alongside also other supplementary colour/s - the overall slightly unsaturated palette/s of yellows, blues and greens were chosen with limited saturation intensities. This lightly muted choices were done as so in order to transition away from all existing heavy-associations of foods (strong hues / high saturations); whist still distinct each of its levels just enough - at allowing pragmatic use for contrasts. 
Business / employee cards

Each business card carries a variant of four (4) thematics that reflects the advocacy's vision for nutritional accessibility; Purpose over profits. Humanity over balance sheets. Authenticity against Majority. ​​​​​​​
The Stationery
Letterheads & Comp Slips

Stationery design is often thought of as "necessary evil". Such that dozens upon dozens - of functional criterias must be adhered. These impose immense restrictions of creative liberty. Especially when context of uses are aimed towards corporations, banking, and/or governing institutions. These criteria elements though not 100% complete - are word count limitations, the representation of customer bar codes (on top and to the side), and customer member registration numbers / coding.

This Is™ Humility letterhead measurements and margins are similarly simulated from various real life Governmental & banking communications repertoire. From the dimensions of the bar code, and that of the positioning of where and how - the address and greeting of recipient starts and ends.

Once the first page is catered for functionality, the back serves as the more liberal freedom of typographic expression. As pictured above (third with grid overlay), a 9x9 Jan Tschihold inspired grid is in place to relatively guide all elements coordination.

Similarly to Nutritional Humility™ viral quotation cards - the back of each letterhead features "Various Contemplations Of Our Times". A curation of thoughts relative to the concerns of our turbulent times, spanning throughout themes of economics, philosophy and nutritional science. 
Quotation Poster/s

In 2016 and 2017, public awareness promotion of this concept initiative began in the form of viral quotation posters. That is, a series carefully chosen wisdoms and contemplations NOT based on binary "motivational" or "feel-good" optimism. Rather, those evoking lateral responses at highlighting every subjectivity against all objectivity. 

Initially shared throughout Google+ and LinkedIN®; unfortunately this Project was later abandoned much of 2018 due to severe lack of viewership despite diligent additions, one after another. 

Here in 2019, a revamped version encompassing the above updates to the branding typography  are exercised in their most convincing assertions. The overall aim is to integrate the modularity of "This Is™" branding with that of the author's statement altogether.  To both assert and reinforce the author's intensity of his/her lateral messaging/s amidst themes of philosophy, economics and nutritional science. 
Left: old / previously using "Geo". Right: new / using "Lora". 
Accompanying Book Project/s

Coming soon is an accompanying extension material to the parent manuscript/book This Is™ Humility Through Frugality. Pictured above is the upcoming 80pg+ guide examining current research on this subject of AGEs (expanded as Advanced Glycation End Products); as well as various pragmatic considerations surrounding cooking methodology and healthful supplementations.  

A curation of over (re-collated over existing UNcollated) 500+ foods database of various concentration of Glycation End Product potentiator compound(s). Alongside This Author's very own written - elaborated thoughts and the pragmatic solution/s. All of which are further cited with additional references to implore scientific authenticity and academia reasoning. 
The End of part 1 of 2
Thank You

This project and branding initiative; whilst remaining conceptual work of fiction (except the Book / Manuscript); nevertheless carries certain degrees of truth upon addressing many great concerns of our turbulent, pedestrian living. Be it allures of over-advertising, over-marketing, or over-subscription/s towards supremacies, totalitarianism / authoritarianism and institutionalisation.

This Branding initiative was created in hopeful alleviation to the Author's (AW™ / increasingly difficult and stratified livelihood; amidst contexts of Structural Violence and/or Structural Impositions.

This Project or Branding initiative nevertheless carries some sensitive disclaimer. The Author, and Designer (AW™ /  has had no prior extended accreditations within fields of Functional Medicine, Metabolic Physiology, Biochemistry or extended fields of Nutrition. Hence, all readers are to take every diligence at researching further at their own ends. Nothing herein This Project / Branding initiative is deemed prescriptive. Nor does it constitute as "solicited advices" over any existing institutional or terminal supervisions. This Project  / Branding Initiative only implores further independence of experiences, explorations and scientific authenticity(s); all within the merciful initiation of curiosity and resiliences of its readers and viewers.

I remain grateful if anyone shall witness my manuscript (This Is™ Humility Through Frugality) in their full entirety. 



All stationery mockup renders  entirely done within Apple® Motion 5.3. No plugins. All manual grit.
Previous product packaging (2017) manually modelled with Maxon® Cinema 4D. 
This Is™ Humility 2019 (1/2: Stationery)

This Is™ Humility 2019 (1/2: Stationery)

A nutritional accessibility / budget foods parent branding "This Is™ Humility". Circa. 2013. 2019 feature re-extension presentation. Part 1/2 : B Read More


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