Office for information technology firm MarkIT, 2009
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    Fresh and playful office for Mark IT...
Office for information technology firm MarkIT, 2009 with Loreida Hein

Furniture and wall graphics are also made by us...

With its open atmosphere, non-standard furniture, piquant details and wall graphics, this office is more than just another furnished shell in another office building...

 The young and rapidly growing information technology company wanted to reflect the principles of openness, freedom and lack of hierarchy in its working environment. The teams have been placed in separate locations depending on their functions - the sales team works in an open space with large windows, the developers, who need more peace and quiet atmosphere, have their own room, financial staff is in the separate wing. Neither the management or partners have crawled into closed offices - they work among their teams. At the moment, there are around 25 people working in the office, but the solution allows to add few in the future.

 There was no point in starting interior design from zero. Since the building was new and rooms where generally suitable most of the walls where left the same. The smaller rooms where merged and the size of the kitchen was doubled. The carpeting was removed and the concrete was displayed in its most authentic rough form everywhere except nonworking areas with hairy pile carpet for contrast and comfort.

Glass is the sine qua non in creating an open, spacious and soundproof room, much of it has been used here. Visual isolation is ensured by matte decal patterns on the glass, which are inspired by the "forest of table legs".

 Much attention has been devoted to non-work areas - there is more than one place to take a break and let your brain restore. The main area where stuff is gathered every other day for looser presentations is located to the rear of the office. Grand wall adorned with black and white wall graphics can be seen upon entering the office. Nearby is a somewhat more private, living room like, rest area separated by a curtain with TV, large couch and carpeting no less plush than the couch - office Wii tennis and golf tournaments are popular at MarkIT.

Youthful atmosphere is enriched by immaculate white custom-made furniture. The modern office environment which is largely free of stacks of paper allows the furniture to seem extremely striking and ethereal. Instead of long ranks of filing cabinets, there are light free-standing shelves and small cabinets with little tassels. Office has oval desks with lathed legs, table legs come in four different profiles, the huge meeting table is supported by the whole forest...

A side of the unusual furniture there stands the surrealistic and humorous graphic art, hand-drawn by the interior architects. "Stories can be found on the walls and doors. Inspiration was  drawn from films and pop culture.

 On the backdrop of the strict black and white color solution on the walls and generally fairly monochrome environment, the variegated images and exiting small details blow a fresh and care-free wind of creativity into the employees consciousness. Creativity is, as we know, infectious and continuing - MarkIT's personnel has already generated brilliant interior decorating ideas in the office, as a number of areas are still white enough to be designed further...