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    Some pictures from my travels
Mumbai - the city constantly under construction.
The river Ganga is the holiest of rivers and, ironically, one of the most polluted too. This picture was shot during the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar.
My mother is a deeply spiritual person and thanks to her I have had opportunities to meet some truly blessed and learned souls. 
Bystanders under the Laxman Jhoola bridge. Quite like the attitude, very fashion ramp-like. 
Weeds in the river Ganga. Hey, nobody's perfect.
This one was shot at Juhu beach, close to where I live. I go here for a run everyday and never leave uninspired. Each day is a new day. 
Another one shot at Juhu beach. I love how the clouds and sea merge into one. You're never alone - a comforting thought!
Age no bar at Juhu beach. 
I love Wildlife Nature Parks. Shot this one at Ranthambore, a tiger sanctuary in Rajasthan. This image is severly cropped but I adored this moment, so allowed myself to cheat -- a little. 
After twenty minutes of staring at and photographing this gorgeous creature, it suddenly struck me that I wasn't at a zoo but in a wildlife sanctuary. He could have eaten me, instead I devoured him with my Nikon D90.
Okay, so this might be a cliched picturisation of India but I love this about my country - the colourful costumes that differ from region to region and the stunning jewellery. Seen here is a traditional Rajasthani woman at the Ranthambore train station. She kindly allowed me to invade her space for a few minutes. Bless her.
P.S. I have nose ring like hers. In fact, I have two.. and wear them as earrings! Helpful tip, in case you ever plan to go jewellery shopping in Rajasthan!