A Compilation Of My Favorites
"desserts may be last but never the least"
I started out baking brownies and cookies in my mother's small home kitchen tucked in a quaint, small and quiet city in the Philippines. However, I always believed my dreams are far bigger than what my small world can offer. Little did I know I was indeed destined to create ripples reaching the far corners of the globe. Staying humble and true, it's proven time and again passion and faith do break down barriers.

Here, I present some of my important and favorite achievements to date. Many people have influenced my style and artistry and I acknowledge those who continued to believe in me and have kept their hands and minds always open for me.
Simplicity and a clean approach to a dessert spread best describe my main signature.
Being edgy sometimes is also good to make an ordinary experience extraordinaire.
A little bit of action during service is important to the guests...desserts don't need to be static the whole time.
It's definitely fun to go out of your comfort zone and trust your creative juices to blow your guests away.
Created in a very challenging environment in Maldives. But I have learned if you want to set yourself apart don't stop from thinking out of the box.
I love to play with details. They may not be appreciated by everyone but you know by heart you have created something special.
A baker's dozen...one can definitely see the true love for his dough if breakfast becomes a hearty experience for everyone.
Constant learning is essential and having fun at it, too!
We must keep learning and learning...especially from the masters. Knowledge is power!
It doesn't have to be a gingerbread house every year. Santa needs an upgrade!
..and I enjoy molding figures...pardon the tissues...they're still waiting to get dry.
I also enjoy composing different materials to perk up our guest's arrival in the room.
However difficult the location is, if you lead your team with respect they will do things for you at their own will.
..and another element of surprise for the guests...
A well respected friend showed me some ways and this has become my own approach in artisan chocolates.
keeping elements simple and natural...
And a few creations do end up in international magazines...