Blank | The Highest Lounge in Southeast Asia
Our branding and interior design for the highest lounge in Southeast Asia is inspired by​​​​​​​ a grain of rice.
Sky high ambitions. Humble beginnings.
A massive 7m x 5m grain shaped floor lamp greets you at the bar.
Stainless steel cladding arches forward to support a stained glass top and serve as a bag hook.
Staircase and mezzanine system to connect and exploit the void between floors.
Refined furniture juxtaposes raw fit out.
Custom rice paper table lamps.
Terraced rice fields inspire the outdoor decks.
Clay bricks-embedded terrazzo floors remind us of simpler times.
A branding system from colors and patterns of sunrise, sunset, changing of the harvest. 
Humble table settings redefine luxury at one of the highest lounges in the world.
Food, beverage, photography take cues from our design language. 
Block illustrations use a gradient system to emphasize height and space.
Last but not least, different playlists for sunrise and sunset moods.
Creative Director: Tuan Le 
Interior Designers: Chloe Dinh, Thu Le, Hoang Nguyen 
Graphic Designers: Ngoc Vo, Thao Tran, Kim Tran, Ngoc Pham 
Operation Team: Laure Chevallier, Huan Pham, Long Nguyen, Khanh Linh Huynh, Sara Wu
Interns: Thien Huynh, Chi Nguyen, Ven Bui, Thao Nguyen
Photography: Do Sy, Nhan Phan, Thuy Truc
Account: Phuong Anh Nguyen, Huyen Vo 
Producers: Nhung Ho, Jane Tran 

Fit-out: Solid Interior
Furniture: District Eight, The Lab, Thai Binh Duong
Blank | The Highest Lounge in Southeast Asia