My Black Is Beautiful
My Black Is Beautiful

In a few short weeks, with our creative partner Saatchi NY and an amazing BYB crew, we created an important message for young Black women - Black is beautiful. In the dictionary, the word Black has some pretty negative words attached to it. However, when we see Black, we identify with beauty, bravery, and strength. #RedefineBlack with us now at
Top: Aaron Hong | Left: Rob Bryson | Right: Aaron Hong
Visual Development
Vis Dev: Grace Yoo
Rough Layout
Layouts: Rob Bryson
Character Design
Design: Amanda Martin | Rendering/Colour: Stephen Headley
Rough Animation
Left: Gerry Duchemin | Left: Thea Glad
Production Company: Anchor Point
Executive Producer: Mike Holm
Directed by: BYB 
BYB Producer : Sonia Santorelli
Storyboard: Perin McLean
Creative / Art Direction: Geoff Donovan
Layout Design: Rob Bryson
Location Design / Vis Dev: Aaron Hong
Typography: Andrew Skuja (AKA -Skooj)
Background Painters: Michele Assarasakorn, Eric Gauthier, Grace Yoo, Geoff Donovan
Character Design: Amanda Martin, Stephen Headley
Character Posing: Amanda Martin, Ruggiero Abbruzzese, Haley Szer, Darnell Dicette
Animation Director / Supervisor: Darren Donovan
Character Animation:  Michelle Tripp, Thea Glad, Kristian Duffy, Gerry Duchemin, Matt Cemalovic, Tim Martin
Character Clean Up Animation: Jeff Size, Nicole Kozak, Sonia Beckwith-Cole
FX Animation: Darren Donovan 
FX Animation Assist: Mike Hogue, Gerry Duchemin
Motion Design: Phil Scarano
Animatic Edit: Tom Berger
Visual FX / Compositing: Sheldon Lisoy
Colour Edit: Phil Scarano
Client: My Black Is Beautiful (P&G)
Agency: Saatchi NY
My Black Is Beautiful

My Black Is Beautiful