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    While You Weren't Looking is a pop up book about Los Angeles.
While You Weren't Looking is a pop up book that photographs the City of Angels in a way to show what most Angeleno's are missing. Most of the time, we are all too busy on our various technologies and need to get from point A to point B as quickly as we can. 

If we could only take a moment and look around us, we would notice all the beautiful structures in Los Angeles. 
The buildings in Los Angeles may not be the most glamorous, but if you take a moment and look, there is more to Los Angeles than the sparkles and glitter. There is a history. 
This book is also an exploration in the idea of 'space'. This exploration of space goes beyong the physical world that Los Angeles resides, but also the space in which I have re-created the city with my 2-D images. 
As an photographer, I find that I am creating images that share my point of view and 'my world' so to speak. I question that if my photography captures the 3-dimensional world and converts it into a 2-dimensional image, why can't I create a "3-dimensional" world with my imagery? 
I have realized that I can depict my world any way I can, and this is the world I see. 
This is the world I would like to share.
This is what I woud like to show you, while you weren't looking.