Every year, the Mid-autumn Festival is the time that confectionary brands and bakeries are very aggressive in bringing their mooncakes to market.

Traditional Mid-autumn mooncake has turned into a major category that contribute big revenue for brands. Through years, the mooncake are getting better and better, in term of quality, creativity and packaging.

Hai Chau is a long established confectionary business in northern Vietnam with a rich heritage and experience of making traditional mooncakes. This year, they want to bring a fresh wind to the mooncake market, not just only the cakes but also the outlook of the packages. The packages are the result of collaboration between Tree Studios x Not Yet Famous.
Client: Hai Chau confectionary
Design Studio: TREE Studios x Not Yet Famous
Creative Direction: Vuong Nguyen, Kei Nguyen
Art Director: Vuong Nguyen, Pulu
Copywriter: Vy Nguyen
Designer: Pulu, Du Yen
Illustrator: Pulu, Du Yen
3D artist: Nhat Nghe
Project Manager: Kei Nguyen
Foodstylist: Boki Tran
Photographer: Kitsu
Retouch artist: Kitsu
Gaffer: Tin Lee
Assistant: Minh Hoang, Tan Tan
Trăng sáng tỏ thân tình
Bánh ngọt ngào đậm vị
Trà thơm ngon đầy ly
Bằng hữu vui gắn kết
Gia đình mừng sum họp
Đó chính là Thu Quý

We are trying to stay away from regular approaches or the old stories that has been told so many times, but still, to implement the timeless values through fresh artist's illustrations: togetherness, appreciation and respect.
We redesign the current logo of Hai Chau mooncake product line, still keeping the core of ‘Precious Autumn’, giving it a new image. The visual is stand for the beauty of traditional ritual has been reserved through generation to generation. The beauty of caring, giving, appreciation and respect.
'It is alive! The work is alive!"
To add in freshness to traditional baked mooncake, we use the modern line graphic as cake pattern.
Thanks to superior quality of production, the works are actually leveraged much.

Thank you for watching our journey.

Hai Chau Mooncake 19