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Wooli 2019 Tour Visuals
After Effects
Wooli 2019 Tour Visuals
Client: Wooli
Wooli and his team reached out to me again to create the visuals and key art for his Fall 2019 Voyage tour. They wanted them to feel like concept art that tells a story while simultaneously being aggressive, trippy and beautiful. This project was a really fun challenge in many ways, and allowed me to push myself to learn new software and plugins.
Music: Elephant March - Wooli x Mastodon x Travis Richter 
Behind the Scenes
My wife and I sketched out a series of prehistoric / mystical symbols which I then turned into alphas to individually sculpt every piece of the mystical cube in Zbrush.
For the trippy mammoth eye, I created this X-particles Simulation in a separate file, then positioned my camera directly above it so that it was flat to camera. I then took the rendered image sequence and brought that back in as an animated texture that I placed on a moving eyeball in a different scene.
For the Ice crawling effect, I used X-particles infectio with a vertically stretched noise texture and then meshed the simulation using OVDB mesher so it could be textured as ice.
I custom sculpted the mammoth and its armor in Zbrush
Thank you!
Wooli 2019 Tour Visuals
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Ian Frederick