“Happy Baking” aren’t just high quality professional baking and dessert ingredients. Primarily this is an essential tool for home bakers and dessert fans, who feel like professional pastry chefs at heart! This is an instrument for all those who love baking and experimenting in the kitchen. We developed a logo, packaging design and created a series of appetizing sophisticated food photography for the product line. The premium professional design executed in dark tones emphasizes the uniqueness of ingredients, recommended by Pripravka™ for both professional and home baking

Client — Pripravka
Marketing Director — Olha Romashchenko
Head of R&D Department — Tetyana Khrystych
Brand Manager — Olena Polizhay
Product Manager — Anna Repikhova
Photographer — Oksana Sybydlo
Photographer — Yana Klochkova

Concept & Design — Vataga Agency
Creative Director and Graphic Designer — Kostya Khmelyuk
Graphic Designer — Nazariy Kumanovsky
Graphic Designer — Nataliya Duda
Graphic Designer — Viktor Hupalo
Graphic Designer and Retoucher — Marta Khmarna
Photographer — Taras Gipp
Project Manager — Ostap Malashnyak

Happy Baking — Packaging Design