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œnotypo, type exhibition
œnotypo, an exhibition that blend typographic creation and South African wines.
A graphic recreation

Today we are pleased to present our creative recreation of the year! In 2018, we freshen our designer minds with the Adobe Hidden Treasures Design Challenge, which allowed us to pay tribute to the Bauhaus by creating the most designer football team in the world, as well as reinventing the famous German sausage as a typographic hot dog.

This new season, we have taken up the invitation of Vinochromie to offer us a new atypical subject to test our creativity. A short break between two customer briefs, since the graphic creations you are about to discover have been inspired by the tasting of four South African wines....

When typographical experimentation and œnology meet, it is to be consumed without moderation! It's œnotypo® by Graphéine.
Du Vin à l’Oeuvre, the afterwork tasting

In June, Vinochromie invited us to take part in its special "du Vin à l'Oeuvre" event for South African vintages at Les Caves du Louvre.

Every month, Vinochromie offers afterworks to meet artists and winegrowers. Each event offers a selection of vintages from which the invited artists draw inspiration. This is followed by a tasting and varnishing evening that mix œnological pleasures and artistic discoveries.
An unusual discovery : Les Caves du Louvre

Nestled in a private mansion in Paris 1st arrondissement, Les Caves du Louvre offers a sensory journey through superb vaulted cellars built by the sommelier of Louis XV.

Our intervention began with a tasting. Aurélien, our sommelier, introduced the Graphéine team to the art of tasting 4 wines produced in South Africa. This workshop formed the basis of our creative concept and allowed us to discover the Opstal, Glen Carlou, Arendsig and Kloof Street vintages.

Until then, Vinochromie had received visual artists who created volume, photography, pictorial and sound dedicated to wine... As the first design agency invited, we wondered a lot about how we would respond to the exercise. Specialized in the creation of visual identities commissioned by our customers, it was a question of defining by which singularity to respond to the discovery of wine.

œnotypo, the concept of hedonistic typographers

From this reflection was born the oenotypo concept which offers 20 creations to discover South African wines. A conceptual answer through typographic visuals. The word becomes image in each of the visuals created for the occasion. The result is a tasting of 20 creations in which it is a question of red wine, white wine, South African soil, barrels, letters, expressive character designs... In the same way that wine tasting delights the senses while inviting a specific and unsuspected vocabulary, we have decided through this exhibition to introduce our guests to the formal richness of typographical experimentation. œnotypo is a formal and poetic sensory initiation to typography that illustrates the qualities of South African wines.

Among the works created, four of them directly respond to the selection tasted. The other creations offer the team's immersive readings to discover South African beverages. The opening provided an opportunity to confront these two worlds and share each other's knowledge. A friendly experience that allowed the Vinochromie and Graphéine teams to meet their passions and share their interpretations. A very good creative experience that we will be pleased to repeat!

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Thanks to Vinochromie and Les Caves du Louvre teams for this beautiful invitation
and their warm welcome.

Photo credits: Bruno Aussillou
Discover more photos of the opening evening:

All the artworks designed by Graphéine are exhibited until September at
Les Caves du Louvre,
52 rue de l'Arbre Sec - Paris 2.

œnotypo, type exhibition

œnotypo, type exhibition

Today we are pleased to present our creative recreation of the year! In 2018, we had freshen our designer minds with the Adobe Hidden Treasures D Read More
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