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Design Machines student work
Curated student works from my Design Machines course for 3rd yr design students, at Shenkar, Tel Aviv.

The last part of the course was dedicated to using Runway ML as a tool to investigate the "Mirror world" of a machine view and interpretation on familiar images or ideas. 

What would happen if the machine would take the role of a visual designer?

Students were free to pick any chain of Machine Learning models to learn how their machine perceives their input , and insert themselves as a link, anywhere inside this chain, to contribute their own step in the this new design process. In a role reversal, the human is assisting the machine to accomplish its design task.

Gilad Izrael
A Machine's gaze on the world's most powerful people

Yael Blumenfeld
Imagine a city where streets are not named after important historical figures, but rather are influenced by them.
Using pix2pix to take artists' work and generate a street of facades from their work.

With the help of the Runway program, I experimented with how streets inspired by different artists' who represent various artistic methods, would look, incorporating their works of art and characteristics of their style into the cityscape.

I chose to work with the Pix2Pix filter, testing how it operates. At first I used the computer to incorporate the style of Piet Mondrian, and then studied how the works of Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso could be featured. It is amazing to see how the results are able to beautifully portray the personality of the artist and the unique nature of his individual style.
Original artwork for building the artist streets:

Yuval Asis
A discussion between a designer and an artificial intelligence models about graphic design and abstraction:
How can three-dimensional abstract graphic images be described in a three-dimensional figurative form (with emphasis on color and composition)?
This project explores how the abstract values ​​of Swiss design are interpreted in a multi-stage process of identification by several artificial intelligence models that have learned to recognize and describe words in a three-dimensional view.
The process of identifying the images was laid and interrupted by my decisions as a designer.

Models Used: DenseCap, AttnGan

Ronnie Oren
Narrative 2 Abstract

How would an artist with a realistic, figurative style would draw abstract and emotional art?

This project’s goal is to create abstract art out of specific styles of artists who often or always create realistic art, portraits, or any kind of logical visual design, rather than irrational art of an emotion vibe.

Daniel Mualem
I wondered if a machine could take the place of a record sleeve designer. Will it be able to process the lyrics and create a cover that will preserve its musical values?
The initial results I received were too melancholic. I needed more intervention. I therefore used the GPT-2 algorithm to generate more paragraphs of text from the initial prompt. I generate more text, until I felt that the machine has reached the intention of the song.
I inserted the new text into Attention GAN to generate the sleeve image.

Design Machines student work

Design Machines student work