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    Borg Summer beer from Norway gives a sense of lots of summer fun
Borg Summer Beer (Sommerøl)
Packaging design
Hansa Borg Breweries wanted to avoid the typical design cliches for their summer beer and aim for a brighter and lighter design. The project was a redesign of an existing bottled design, now in cans. Borg is a beer from southeastern Norway, where people like to poke fun at themselves: we picked up on this through some 1980s fun and semi-tropical elements: sunscreen in the sea, sunglasses, umbrellas and palm trees. Pastel colours help emphasise that the brew is light, perfect for summer's hot days and long nights. 
The Norwegian snacks company Maarud wanted to launch a new kettle chips product - a somewhat old-fashioned style with a sense of the Maarud brand but with its own playful personality. SDG's design echoes the good old days when hens and cows wandered the farm yard. A mixture of history and modernity gives the packaging an iconic expression - it´s not just its quirky oldness that makes it fun, but because good design stays good over a long time. Simplified animal drawings underline the idea of "gøy på landet" (fun in the country) - a clear concept to help convey the packet´s main communication needs
Even those too young to remember the 80s will be familiar with its naive optimism and mood: just think of Cocktail and Dirty Dancing or music from Bobbysocks and Wham.
The design captures well everyone´s favourite free and easy summer fun.