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    追尋影像深度 Exploring the Depth of Images - 理工設計學生攝影創作展 Creative photography Exhibition by IPM Design Students ﹣ 地點 澳門理工學院明德樓大堂展覽廳 ﹣ 2013
Exploring the Depth of Images
Photographic is imaging that every detail be enlarged by pin-hole. It just like Constant change, no limited expansion’s hole that change by different sight and attract viewer. This is a beginners’ photographic exhibition that is expressed by principle photography’s exploration and graphic. 
攝影,是將每一個小細節透過小小的針孔放大成像。就像是一個不停變化、無止限擴大的洞一樣,隨不同的內容變化着同時也吸引着人來觀看。 透過探索攝影原理再以平面表達出一個由初學者組成的攝影展 。