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"Project Hi" is a collection of jewelry related to social anxiety based on my personal experience. The pieces are made with resin, my blood and sterling silver. The title is inspired by the most common greeting word Hi - which was hard for me to say before. The concept of the series is to speak out how people can defeat the anxiety and be confident. 
“Project Hi"系列的主要概念为社交恐惧症,由我自身社交恐惧的体验来进行设计。配饰由树脂,血液和925银构成。系列标题由最常见的打招呼单词Hi受启发。系列用于揭露社交恐惧对人内心的危害,并推崇人们战胜内心变得自信。

Piece i 
"When I saw others are always in groups, I felt alone but don't know what to do with that... People are getting better with others' helps while I am the only one that left behind." The dot that one the small side is represents me in the past, who is afraid of talking with others and joining group discussion, I only enjoy the time with myself, but others are saying "you have to work in groups to success". 
After a period of time changing myself, I found that it's actually not a bad thing of being introverts! People like being alone is able to think independently, being more focused, insightful and creative. In the society that emphasizes cooperation, it is true for introvert people to be difficult to get recognition. But it doesn't mean anything wrong, but instead maybe it's a shortcut leading to success. In the piece the arc of the circles are shorter on the alone side - which means it maybe an easier way to work well by oneself. 
“我觉得别人永远成群结队,却只有我是一个人..大家在互相的帮助下不断进步,而我好像只是原地踏步。” 胸针中右侧的圆点代表了过去的我,一个害怕交流和融入群体的我,一直在仰视对岸,喜欢一个人的清净时光。

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Project Hi i
Designer - Yuanzheng Yang 杨元政
Sterling silver, Resin, Stainless Steel (Pin)
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Project Hi i