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A pure source at home: Water filtration imbued with nature's best virtues

In the market of ‘well-being’ household electronics and kitchen appliances Korean company Woongjin-Coway strives to be one of the global players. Maintaining its own R&D center, Woongjin-Coway is a passionately design driven company, which gained recognition for their product designs in previous years. After booming in the domestic Korean market Woongjin-Coway aspired to expand its business more strongly into various European markets.
For the reason of brand coherence it was of critical importance for Woongjin-Coway to relate the new product designs to the already established (visual) brand DNA, but also to find a unique look that appealed to European customers. In consequence, a contemporary design tonality was found, which integrated well with Woongjin-Coway’s brand DNA. The final design of the water purifier and filtration device is attractive to customers in Europe (dismissing several visual and functional aspects of products for Asian customers) and conveys various premium characteristics. Attractive to the eye, a lucid material finish of the main body was combined with a nature-inspired top to establish an unpolluted appearance, highlighting the natural aspects of water – pure, refreshing and natural.
Selected as Finalist at the prestigious IDEA 2012 Awards

Design Strategy, Design Direction and Interaction Design by Roger Kellenberger, while at HaA Design.