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    pilot episode for LIQUID SAND TISSUE by director Alexander Mangel
Liquid Sand Tissue is a true visual thrill. Director Alexander Mangel creates an experience that challenges the viewer with a literary approach to storytelling.  An almost dreamlike roadmovie, achieved through Marco Misheff's naturalistic surreal cinematography, following the story of Jason (Tony van der Veer), a  hitchhiker  who is traveling to find the first scene of a movie he's aware he's been playing in. Through the encounters with motorbiker Will (Dieter Jansen) and engineer Don (Erik Karssen) it becomes clear that Jason must first participate in the narrative before he is certain that he will be able to escape it; the only remaining unknown is whether that is possible at all.
Film Premiere at Rietvield VAV Exhibition festival.
Alexander Mangel: Writer, director, editor, production manager.  /link
CAST: Tony van de Veer, Dieter Jansen, Erik Karssen, Rene van Bakel, Rob van Houten, Patrick Mathurin
Director of Photography, camera: Marco Misheff
casting: VIS&CO
production assistant: Marcel van der Grijn, Freek Timmers
director assistant, 1st runner: Freek Timmers
additional camera: Jasper van den Brink, Jorrit Garretsen
location scouting: Ingrid van Oort, Wil Heick
original soudtrack: Martijn Duiven
make-up: Loan De Ruiter
catering: Emma Morrison, Quirien Mangel, Tineke Visser
sound engineer: Martijn Duiven
Set recording: Thomas Ritzen
Motorcycle exper and support: Wil Heick
Special Thanks to: Joeri Léfevre, Erik van der Plujim, Julia Cremers, Joyce Drosterij, Martin Grootenboer, Jesse Manschot, Ben Geraerts, Joeri Visser, Mels Kroon, Jelmer Stolp, Rutger Muller, LICHTMACHT.