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    Custom artwork created using existing comic book art for placement on the visors and eventually crowns of New Era Cap Headwear
Credit for each of the original, unaltered, non manipulated character image goes to multiple artists from each licesense in Marvel Comics, Warner Bros. /DC comics, and Hasbro. 
Superman Viza Sick
Thor Viza Sick
Lion-O Viza Sick
Captain America Viza Sick
Batman Viza Sick
Cobra Commander Viza Sick
Green Lantern Viza Sick
Optimus Prime Viza Sick
Megatron Viza Sick
Iron Man Viza Sick
Spider-Man Viza Sick
Wolverine Viza Sick
Hulk Viza Sick
Art sublimated on Side Of New Era Cap
Art Sublimated on the visor of a 59FIFTY.
All Characters Collage