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cac studio collection --- cac studio x maker
collection by cac studio - (cloudandco). founded on a deep longing for quality basics. works with experienced makers to build a collection of honest objects that a) reflects our modern times b)will last/remain to be needed.

collection 01 

our first product and collection — the wallet. comes in two styles, four colors. design by reduction, crafted from an invisible construction. ideation and design by cloudandco (led by yeongkyu yoo). made by hanbo enc. (maker with 30+ years of expert experience in fabric and leather goods production). 

Invisible stitches  투명한 경계선으로 상상한 형태
To capture the beauty of quality leather, we focused on bringing its texture to the foreground. This meant keeping all unnecessary details invisible, including stitches. The multi-layer construction was carefully conceived so that once assembled, the form is completely uniform in thickness. To finish it off, the edges are precisely painted for the ultimate seamless look — just like a solid sheet of beautiful leather.

A simple initiative  궁극의 미니멀디자인 + 장인정신
Our goal was simple — to create a wallet that feels like one in the hands. A monolith to the eye, without any visible seams. To achieve such a form, we hid all the magic underneath. Below the surface lies up to 13 layers of construction, depending on the wallet. Each layer is artfully engineered. The resulting form is a fluid shape that is seamless, slim and durable — effortless on the surface, thoughtful within. 

Wallet.Type1 is constructed from 15 layers  —— every layer contributes to become a singular form
packaging ​​​​​​​

Two styles — 4 colors
The cac studio collection wallets come in two different styles. Wallet.Type1 is a bi-fold design with 6 pockets, and 
SlimWallet.Type1 is a card wallet with 2 pockets. Each design is available in four colors

“tradition and technology come together to form a new level of precision”

hb inc. expert in shaping and manipulating leather and fabric for over 20 years.  product production led by an artisan with 30 years+ of experience in relevant field. has worked extensively with partners including montblanc, microsoft and samsung. based in seoul. 

words from Yoo 
These days, products tend to be fast. They are not only cheap but also cheaply made, driven by the business aspect of the operation. As we consume these kinds of products, their lifespan becomes increasingly shorter — we easily grow tired of them, and end up disposing them quicker with every purchase. It is not a surprise that with such a product cycle, slow and artisanal craftsmanship is deemed inefficient, or even old-fashioned in contrast to the modern assembly line. There is no room for tradition on the shelves. Masters cannot afford to offer apprenticeship, so their experience and practice are bound towards extinction. Although I acknowledge the great influence that technology has had on the mobile production industry, I also cannot deny its counter impact on makers. If we continue this way, it is certain that their dedication and experience will not live on. 
To sustain the spirit of quality object making, cac studio collection collaborates with makers with a great amount of experience in both hands-on work and advanced manufacturing. 

cac studio collection x leica for limited edition

creative director + designer  :  yeongkyu yoo
editor & brand advisor : michelle park
designers : sebin oh, nara ok
photographer : cac studio
package developers : yuto korea - yohan ku, yuto china - hedy shao
maker : hanbo - dongha um, guntae kim  

minimalist leather wallet

minimalist leather wallet

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