31fps V3 website & iOS app
Relaunch of the 31fps website & iOS app. 

Personal playground & portfolio of artist, interaction designer & developer
Andreas Rothaug. 
We asked ourselves the simple question: 

"What more radical could you do with the web than launching a hardcore flash page
in the year 2013? Nothing. Welcome to 31fps."
Tales from future nostalgia. 

31fps comes from a time in which you had to find the proper framerate in Flash to have your shockwave movie running in the same speed on Macintosh and PC. 

Things used to be different in 1999. 

The relaunch of 31fps is a tribute to dead technology but in the same time a call for a new age of creativity and the perception of who we are and what we do. 
It has always been about creation, about curiosity. About searching a sense.
About testing what is possible.
The intro was made with processing and remotely controlled with an iPad. The Screencapture was then cut together in post-production with Premiere and AfterEffects.
"Pay close attention, you could miss something."
On 31fps you will find different ways to explore the content, for example in relation to time or in a schematic view that shows a liquid connection between the different areas I worked in.
Global project-overview
Project-launch animation
Synaptic overview: Each dot represents one project. 
The most common tags form poles of gravity that attract projects that share that tag. This way the synaptic overview uses physical laws to perform an intelligent sorting task. This behavior was directly inspired by nature. 
A hypnotic listview of pubications, services, clients and awards.
Timeline view. All projects sorted on a circular like design.
Besides the GUI the whole website can be controlled only via Text. 
Pressing the CMD key on your keyboard will bring up a console where you can have a dialogue and ask for information. Of course you can also launch projects and a bunch of other functions.
"The approach was to create a simplyfied version of myself stored in a digital system. 
Talk to me."
As an easteregg you can type "tell me about XYZ" where XYZ will be searched on wikipedia.
My "digital self" has a faster access to the shared conciousness than the biological me. 
The website alone has over 15.000 lines of code made for the transience.
"31fps is also available for iOS where we foccused on the easy and fast access to content."
iPad interface
31fps V3 website & iOS app

31fps V3 website & iOS app

Personal playground & portfolio of artist, interaction designer & developer Andreas Rothaug.