KLER.pl — Digital platform

Together with Kler, a premium brand with over 45 years of tradition, we designed and launched
an internet platform for discovering an exquisite collection of leisure furniture. We wanted to highlight the brand’s hallmarks – tasteful design and classic elegance so we decided to put emphasis on the visual site.
Before starting the designing phase, we had visited one of the brand’s stores and analyzed 
the entire customer's purchase path. That gave us theknowledge of customers’ behavior 
and allowed us to draw an accurate conclusion regarding their needs.
Less is more – this was the approach that we followed. Our goal was to create a platform resembling a casket with precious jewelry, full of visual pearls, captivating with subtle elegance. 
We have exposed photographs and video materials which best capture the spirit of the collection.
Minimalistic iconography indicates additional services and micro-interactions are there to make 
the scrolling more pleasant.
We were invited to cooperate with the company’s photographer, who has been working for the brand for 20 years, to support him at the photo shoot. The goal was to create photos of the new collection, where products could be nicely exposed on the website with particular emphasis on the visibility 
on mobile phones.
We know that today users tend to leave websites unless they load swiftly, so we chose to use 
the fastest solution on the market – Algolia engine – and other optimization mechanisms,
which significantly improved page loading time. As a result, all the visitors can enjoy going through the vast collection undisturbed or quickly find the closest store.
Client: KLER S.A.

AgencySYZYGY Warsaw
UX Designer: Bartosz Sułkowski
Lead UI Designer: Mateusz Karasiński
UI Designers: Mariusz Flisiński, Aneta Pomieczyńska
Front-end Developers: Marcin Gościcki, Michał Włodarczyk, Sergiusz Styczeń
Back-end Developers: Mateusz Dołęga, Jakub Florczuk
DevOps: Tomasz Łagodziński
Project Management: Tomasz Dominiak, Kama Nawrocka, Łukasz Przeszłowski
Head of UX: Bartosz Sułkowski
Head of Design: Mateusz Karasiński
Technology Director: Andrzej Duś
Business & Strategy Director: Tomasz Dominiak
Managing Director: Michał Łukawski

KLER.pl — Digital platform