BoboVita - Mobile app

We joined forces with Nutricia Poland, Danone Group member and one of the biggest producer of infant specialised nutrition, and created a brand new version of BoboVita mobile app - the unique mobile app that supports parents in one of biggest challenges: extending their child's diet.
BoboVita mobile app is the only mobile app in Poland with customised menu and food recommendations for babies. It was launched in 2016 and the time has come to refresh it and make sure it answers all the users' needs.

We wanted the app to be more user-friendly so we implemented several significant improvements in terms of navigation. i.e.: moved the main menu down the phone screen. As a result, now parents can easily access particular modules and do not waste time searching for the desired content.
The first version of the app referred to the previous design of the BoboVita website, which in the meantime has undergone major visual amendments, so obviously one of our tasks was redesign.
The aim was to make the website and the app visually consistent.
All the icons and the illustrations match with the look & feel of the website and design of all BoboVita products. This kind of approach let us reinforce the specific visual message of the brand and make customers associate it with positive feelings.
BoboVita mobile app was selected as one of the best mobile apps in terms of UX Design and received Bronze Mixx Award 2019.

Client: Nutricia

AgencySYZYGY Warsaw
UX Designer: Bartosz Sułkowski
UI Designers: Mariusz Flisiński, Mateusz Karasiński, Aneta Pomieczyńska
Development: Kacper Pasik, Bartosz Głowala, Karol Borkowski, Dominik Gawryszewski
Project owner: Paulina Kantorska
Head of UX: Bartosz Sułkowski
Head of Design: Mateusz Karasiński
Technology Director: Andrzej Duś
Business & Strategy Director: Tomasz Dominiak
Managing Director: Michał Łukawski

BoboVita - Mobile app