Emergency Kit in your Car
Emergency Kit in your Car
You might be well aware of winter storms, wildfires, and earthquakes. During such emergencies, you need to spend some nights in churches, emergency shelters, and cars. In the regions Georgia and North Carolina, you might suffer storms and floods so many times. We have seen stranded commuters waited in their vehicles for hours, ran out of gas and food. They have to wait long for roads and streets to clear. They have to spend so unexpected time in their vehicles, churches, emergency shelters, and stores. These folks better understand the need for emergency kits in their vehicles. Because when they woke up, they have been hungry and thirsty. Spending a night or nights in your car with no food, water, and heat is terrible. So, for every uncertainty, you need to pack an emergency kit in your car. Here is some emergency stuff you need to pack in your kit. Have a look on the emergency kit and if you have forgotten anything in your kit, keep it right away.  
You need to prepare your emergency kit from basic to advanced stuff. When it is an emergency, you do not know how many days you have to spend away from your home. So, you need to pack all the basic stuff and some other important stuff in your bags.
Some basic emergency stuff
Mobile phones and Solar chargers:
Mobile phones or cell phones are the first and foremost thing to keep with you. It is the necessary thing for communication. You need to know about your family members and for communication, you need cell phones. To charge your phones, solar chargers are required in an emergency because the electricity is powered off during storms, floods, and earthquakes. You can download any emergency app to keep yourself updated.
First aid kit:
The second important thing is the first aid kit. Pack some emergency medical stuff in your first aid kits like a bandage, pain killer tablets, antiseptic, antibiotic tablets, ointments, scissors, dressing, tweezer, aspirin, sunny Plast, and gloves.
Hazard lights and Torch:
Keep hazard light in your car but before keeping it with you, check your government laws. See if they allow you battery operated hazard lights or not. Keep torch lights in your cars. Keep extra cells for your torch also.
To keep your car fit, you need to keep fix-a-flat in your emergency kit. If your car gets punctured, it will help you. It is a safety measure for your car.
Jumper cables:
If your car breaks down, you will need a jumper cable. So, keep it in your emergency car kit.
Basic tools:
Some basic car tools you will need are sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, and repair stuff. Any other tool you will need to fix your car, keep it with you.
Bedding and Blankets:
Keep in your car emergency air mattress, pillows, and blankets. Keep these things for you and other family members. If it is winter then blanks and quilts are very important for you and kids.
Keep warm clothes for you and other family members. Like jackets, caps, gloves, socks, sweaters, coats, and mufflers. Do not forget some extra clothes for your kids. They will need more clothes as compared to you.
Food and Water:
Keep readymade food in your emergency kit. The dehydrated meal is the best choice for an emergency kit. Pack emergency food for at least 4 days. Keep water bottles in your car. You can bring the water cooler with you. If you want to bring frozen food with you, keep ice cubes in the cooler and place frozen food boxes in it.
Some other stuff for your emergency kit:
Pepper spray.
Toilet paper and towels.
Air horn.
Emergency Kit in your Car

Emergency Kit in your Car


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