BaDarTTeixeira_ Ani Zohar
BaDarT Manifesto
I have an expectation of Art because it is the only VOICE I have.
NOW FEEL this:
ART is the VIBRATION of my feels as they ASCEND for the TRANSFORMATION.
WE return with the messages that are the Color, pattern, stroke & Swirl that EYE share.
EYE has an expectation of Art because it serves to entice, please, re-live, relieve, invoke, provoke, translate, communicate, comfort, transform, feed, record, transfer, transcend, differentiate. We VIBRATE on HIGH NOW & ALWAYS.
Same as a Lover, it should be no less. 
My first & last LOVE is CREATION, ART
ART is everything that we dare not say, admit, or even whisper about. 
It's a secret that is out in the wide open that is meant to break us open remove the hoping and transform it to a KNOWING.

SWITCH WORD MASTER SERIES: "Calling in of the SoulMate"
Travel Sketchbook: "Have I not?"
Ascension Volume I: "Breathing in the Evolution"
Hemi Synq In Process: "OPEN Torso, OPEN CORE"
I realize now that my art has been predictive of a path that not even I plan. The messages are like thoughts and thoughts become reality. This was letter behind the veil. Early 2016. It's that kind of truth that you're not supposed to talk about, but I do.​​​​​​​
Ascension Volume I:  "The Why to the Hate"
Ascension Volume I: "Call, See the We in ME"
Ascension Volume I:  "This thing is ON, ALWAYS ON"
Ascension Volume I: "Messages Coming Thru, Shhh"
Is it a dream when you’re awake?
I hear things that others don’t. I see things that others won’t. I do things that others can’t. I whisper things as if I chant. 
Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋
Ascension Volume I: "We have the Sacred Magic"
Ascension Volume I: "In LOVE DIVINE ME"
Overdue #Throwups for the Grownups:
PASS FLY RESTORE the STRONG say DIVINE. I create the next and rewrite the story because in my INFINITE finite I AM. Take that leftbehinders. 
Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋​​​​​​​
Ascension Volume I:  "Pleasure LOVE, Pressure LOVE" 
Overdue #Throwups for the Grownups:
Nuero-plasticity my shit is for all to see. You feel my feelz? You see my feelz? If I feel it I saw it I make it. It’s real REAL POWER FEEL DIVINE. 
Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋
Ascension Volume I: "Fuego A La Lata, PAID"
Ascension Volume I: "Sacred Geometry of SOUL LOVE"
#Throwups for the Grownups:
Geometry of the SOUL is a requirement for the road. Our TRUTH must be found, calibrated and aligned with our higher self. SEE DIVINE REACH
Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋

Ascension Volume I: " ABRACADABRA, NOW"
Ascension Volume I: "RIDE, La Poderosa FLY"
Overdue #Throwups for the Grownups:
There’s a lot you can’t see, unless you ride the veil you can’t feel the HEAR of it it. There’s all this sound I feel before I know before the clarity says HI.
Pay attention, there’s a cleaning, a clearing then there’s a choosing. Choose before it’s chosen for you. Don’t be afraid to lose because sometimes that’s actually the real win. La Poderosa says Hola and sends Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋
Ascension Volume I:"STRONG HERE La Poderosa Here"
Ascension Volume I: "MASTERMIND, Smasher"
Overdue #Throwups for the Grownups:
Million dollars ideas...gazillion dollars no fears....switchword master my gear. 
Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋

Ascension Volume I: Full Moon Manifestation "ReLeaser,LOVE Increaser"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: " Im Blind to you Haters"
Ascension Volume I: "ABRACADABRA, flow CLEAR"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: " The Empress is Ready"
Ascension Volume I: "I am Grounded"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "I'm Blind to you Haters"
CANVAS Acrylic w/Pouring medium: "Spinal Tap"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Not for SALE"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "I see with my EYE Closed"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Not for SALE"
#BaDartTeixeira : HELLO this is not a test this is for real. The wolves are not in my dreams. Unless, am I dreaming all day long?
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Gloriously VICTORIOUS"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "ATA is Real"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "God? Whats Happening to Me?"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "To the Surface all things Electrical Pings"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Beshert is on his way"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Soy La Promesa"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Am FIRE, AM Higher"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Poderosa Free"
HEMI SYNQ Chronicles: "Ideas Small PAYOUT Tall"
#BaDartTeixeira : I have ideas. Little ones that want to be big ones. We all have them, pay attention to the small ones those are the best, the brightest and the most authentic.
#BaDarTTeixeira , “LADyFishLUNA~R” Infiniti is profound, as above so below, with you no we, without me no SEA, SEE? 
Proud deep as, sunrise to sunset, INFINITE, FINITE, DIVINE. Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋
I share because I Care
#badartteixeira New moon throw ups for the Spiritual Show-up: transformation of the deepest scars from creation. RELEASE the feeling, make room for the HEALING. Even if all eyes never cared to SEE, on its way is the warrior who is part of ME POWERFUL, POWER FULL, POWER filled, LOVE full, LOVE FILLED. Im never alone. WE are hear. Im never lost. WE steer. 
Love, Peace and Clarity to all. 💋

BaDarTTeixeira_ Ani Zohar

BaDarTTeixeira_ Ani Zohar

Messages Across the Veil

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