Drunk Control. June 2007. Photomanip & Digital Painting.
Drunk Control v 2. June 2007. Photomanipulation.
Fish. July 2007. Vector Illustrator & Photoshop.
Human. July 2007. Photoshop Digital Painting.
1980. July 2007. Photoshop.
Are you a bug? August 2007. Water Colour, Acrylic, Nail polish, Pencil & Cosmetics. Original Artwork for Sale 8.5x11 $100.00 (USD)
Drama. August 2007. Watercolour. Artwork for Sale, 9x12, No set price yet.
Mix Media Mash Up Madness. August 2007. Watercolour, Cosmetics, Acrylic, Marker, And i am sure more i am forgetting. Original artwork for sale, 9x12 - $125.00 USD.
No Problem Mon. (Slave). August 2007. Watercolour.
The Crimson Wave. August 2007. Watercolour & Whiteout.
Cruel Experiment. September 2007. Photomanipulation, Vector, Digital Drawing, Photoshop & Illustrator.
My Mind is Somewhere else, V1. September 2007. Raster Release Chapter 47. Photoshop & Illustrator, Photomanipulation & Vector.
My Mind is Somewhere Else v2. September 2007. Experimental, Illustrator & Photography.
Sagittarius. September 2007. Raster Release Chapter 47. Illustrator. Experimental Exercise.