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    My contribution to the Dead Words Project
Where do old words go? Is there life beyond the vernacular?
Designer Karen To has gathered a list of antiquated words and combined them with artists who give their own spin on the topic. I like to dig around old manuscripts and encyclopedias to discover obscure references and outdated research, so I found this project appealling on so many levels.
Here's my contribution:
Mecography (mi-kop-gruh-fee) n.1603-1890,measurement of the dimensions and weight of body part.
Ex.The condom company used mecography to obtain necessary data about its clientele.
It's an excellent word, isn't it? How could we let it fall through the cracks? Couldn't you imagine an urgent call going out the the mecographer in one of those gruesome forensic prime time shows? Or perhaps in a sporting environment, consulting with bodybuilders or fitness gurus? " My mecographer recommends...."
If you love words, and great design, head over to The Dead Words Project for more.