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    the fruits of my inspiration
illustration drawn by me for the last time (2012-2013)
All that has inspired and continues to give me the energy to work.
Be brave every moment of your life!
Lana Del Rey, The Queen of The Pop music
(copyright for sale))
Sleep my Ocean, sleep...
(illustration about my dreams)
all copywrite for sale
The Pug
(notebook`s cover/ all rights for CocaCola Kazakhstan/ MixGroup)
Pienso en ti (Thinking about You)
Чужая душа - котёнки
(another's soul - the darkness,
but may be inside the darkness live small kittens)
El amigo
(calavera panda)
for sale
La sirena
(mermaid from party)
Portret of the Mermaid Princess
(for sale)
Just portrait of mine
Mr. Sexy Little Things
My guru
Thanks to everyone!
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