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    Selection of typography work in DISCOVERY magazine in the 90s.
Typography Work
Selection of DISCOVERY magazine spreads with bold typographic design.
CANDID CAMERA – Featuring fun images submitted by various contributing photographers.
CAMOTE PEOPLE – A typographic interpretation of a map of islands in the Philippines.

(Included in New Typo Graphics, PIE Books Tokyo 1993)
PUMPKINVILLE, U.S.A. – A playful treatment on contrast of size and directional typography.
LEARNING TO SMILE – Presenting feature heading and introduction in multiple TV screens

to illustrate the mass-produced beauty pageant industry in Hong Kong.

(Included in New Typo Graphics, PIE Books Tokyo 1993)
IN FROM THE COLD – An Art Deco approach to the Vienna story.
OVER THE EDGE – A more 'edgy' play on italic font, letter spacing and diagonal composition

reinforces the speed of the sport
ALIENS– Typography follows shapes in illustration.
HORSE SENSE – Condensed typeface is popular in the 90's.

The typeface 's curve and contrast of strokes complement the composition of the image.

TRACING IT HOME – Typewriter-style font overlays on multi-layered photoillustration for a ‘novel’ effect.

Introduction is deliberately broken to arouse readers' interest to turn the page.

(Awarded in Society of Publication Designers, New York 1993)

SOJOURNERS – Use of a large white space to emphasize the ‘distance’

between the man and the woman across the table.

CEBOOM – Cebu business boom in its music industry.

Use of font size, shape of introduction  and photo cropping create rhythm in the composition.

THE BELIEVERS – Use of graphic elements echoes contents in photo image.
GOING WEST – Use of calligraphy for a wild and matching effect.
A JAPANESE ORIGINAL – Use of handwriting for a rough and matching effect.