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    Illustrations commissioned by Dinero, a Colombian business and economy magazine.
Este Año Sí... (2011)
Jefes Psicópatas (2011) | Psychopathic Bosses (2011)
Los Siete Mitos de los ‘Viejitos’ (2011) | Seven Myths About Older Employees (2011)
Las ‘Trifulcas’ de la Drummond (2011) | The ‘Disputes’ of Drummond Inc. (2011)
Como Piezas de Dominó (2009) | Like Domino Pieces (2009)
Guerra de Letras (2009) | War Letters (2009)
Simple® (2009)

"Brands' lovers. They perceive the best brands as well as an expert taster perceives the aroma of a good coffee".