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International Project

Allinial Global is a global association of independent accounting and consulting firms that provides resources and support to its members to enhance their businesses and increase their global reach. Allinial Global hosts a series of international conferences each year to bring together its members for networking, education, and professional development.

Objective: Design a collection of event brochures for Allinial Global International Conferences that will effectively communicate important event information to attendees and promote the organization's brand identity.

Target Audience: The target audience for the event brochures is Allinial Global members and potential members who are accounting and consulting professionals from around the world.

Key Message: The key message for the event brochures is to showcase Allinial Global as a leading global association of independent accounting and consulting firms and emphasize the value of attending the international conferences for networking, education, and professional development.

Design Considerations:
• The design should be consistent with Allinial Global's brand guidelines and use the organization's color palette and logo.
• The event brochures should be visually appealing and engaging, with a clean and modern design that reflects the global reach and professionalism of Allinial Global and its members.
• The layout should be easy to navigate, with clear sections for event information, schedule, speaker bios, and registration details.
• The design should incorporate high-quality images of past events, as well as photos of the conference venue and host city.
• The brochures should be designed to be printed as well as shared digitally, so the design should be optimized for both formats.

Deliverables: The event brochure collection will consist of a main conference brochure and several smaller brochures for specific events within the conference, such as workshops and networking sessions. The deliverables will include print-ready PDF files and digital versions optimized for web and mobile viewing.
International Project

International Project