Sigmund Freud Journal Book
Genius Project
My first project of my 2nd year of my Graphic Design degree: Genius or Wanker?
I chose Sigmund Freud, for a Genius. Many think differently, but I think Freuds a genius. I decided to design and
 create a pop up book, 
showing some of his theories on the unconscious mind simplified explanation of his analysis. I find Freuds theories very interesting and I have always been interested in Psychology. It was really intriguing studying how the mind works and why humans behave in the way we do. It has definitely made an impact in Psychology and in analysis of society in general. My idea was to create an illustrative journal of Sigmund Freud, portraying his theories in a personal, traditional and old fashioned way. These are all my own pencil drawings and handwritten text, apart from Freuds signature.
The End.