Ahgaaz Resort Collection | Sania Maskatiya | PFDC 13
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    Ahgaaz Resort Collection | Sania Maskatiya | PFDC'13
So I got a chance to work in a textile business as an illustrator for digital prints; way different from what I normally do, was definitely a really good experience to work under an awesome designer's direction.

Ahgaaz Resort Collection | Sania Maskatiya | PFDC 13
Illustration of prints done by me;
All design of the clothes, embroideries, styling and so forth by Team Sania Maskatiya.

The ‘Ahgaaz’ Resort 2013 collection is inspired by the craft and motifs of 19th century Persian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic and Italian Renaissance ceramics and tiles. Blending powerful images of dragons, serpents and birds with bold geometrics and florals into the warmth of rich hues and calm pastels, we enter a garden of dreams and perilous new beginnings.
Pattern Inspiration from a collection of books on architectural designs