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臺北市公共住宅青年創新回饋計畫- 聯合交流會

臺北市公共住宅青年創新回饋計畫 聯合交流會
Joint Seminar of Taipei Public Housing for Youth Innovation​​​​​​​



The residents of Taipei Jiankang public house and Xinglong public house D2 have executed the contribute plans in 2018, and the open audition for Qingnian public house phase 1 youth innovation has been held in May 2019. This joint seminar is held to boost the interaction between 3 public houses and the relevant personnel. We are looking forward to see the commutations of youth about community issue operations or problem solutions. If we take this a step further, consciousness of citizenship could be embedded moderately, and vision as reference for a better community life could be provided.

The key visual design for joint seminar is an open style house shape. It signifies the seminar an open-minded space. Lots of various colorful patterns around the house are compared to groups from everywhere, and they could communicate with each other in this space.
主視覺設計 Key Visual Identity Design
邀請卡製作 Invitation Card Design
工作證設計 Id Card Designs
折頁傳單設計 Brochure Design
看板設計  Billboard Design
臺北市公共住宅青年創新回饋計畫- 聯合交流會

臺北市公共住宅青年創新回饋計畫- 聯合交流會



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