Faroe islands- tale of the elements II
Far out
quite literally in the middle of nowhere (or in the middle of the atlantic ocean) lays an archipelago of many islands that has quickly become one of my 
favorite places of the world- The Faroe islands.
They consist of 18 major islands but in total it´s 779 islands, islets and skerries.
 The wildness, ruggedness and remoteness of these islands just fits perfectly to the feelings that i chase when i pack my stuff and go for a landscape photography trip. 

Inhabited by more sheeps than humans and luckily beeing far off from the main mass touristic routes, it´s one of the places where i can come and forget everything around me.
Some more informations and behind the scenes material can be found towards the end of this project

You better watch your steps when shooting and keep an eye on the wind directions- one wrong step and it could be your last one
When rainstorms come together with breaks in the clouds, you might be in for a visual feast
I love it when sun breaks through the clouds
While i was barely abled to stay on my feet, the low hanging sun created a wonderful golden glow when shining on the autumnal grass
Fossá is the highest waterfall of the Faroe islands- as it had been raining heavily the days before, the water level was quite high
Godrays over one of the fjords- at some point my drone was almost getting turned around by the windgusts
The witches finger during a fantastic moment of mad weather- only the camera stabilization made this image possible as the wind was insane
Iconic view towared Mulafossur in postcard paradise Gasadalur
I just love that surreal kind of light when it starts caressing the hills and villages
Last evening of my trip- and a wonderful farewell by mother nature
Maybe you remember my first series about the Faroe islands in winter that i posted here a while ago (Faroe islands- Cradle of the elements). 
Since i really love the Faroe islands and i have been visiting them frequently since many years, here goes a second series showing images taken in autumn. 
I hope you also enjoy these!
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All of these images were taken in conditions that might make many people pack up their gear and go look for a cozy café. 
But when the weather boils, the wind goes wild and the clouds drop their goods on the ground it´s when the magical light can happen. 
In my photography i have always been guided by the light and i can´t get enough of the surprises that mother nature has in petto for me.
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Faroe islands- tale of the elements II

Faroe islands- tale of the elements II