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Qualier - Fashion Boutique Branding
Simple beauty for everybody Qualier

Qualier is a fashion boutique in Paris, France. They started the business with just a sign on top of their store. After few years of hard work, they decided to create a brand that people recognize and most importantly remember. This is where I jump in to help Qualier to achieve this goal. We started off with a good ol' style board to decide on overall feeling, we found the right typeface, packaging even designed a landing page concept for Qualier.

Before getting to work, we gathered a simple moodboard with Qualier. We wanted to understand the brand and peek its future.  
Credit: Stocksy
We revisited & tweaked one of the most elegant typefaces alive; Baskerville. Even though the letters edited, the structure remained the same. 
Qualier's clothing line is all about simplicity so are the business cards.

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Qualier - Fashion Boutique Branding