My Graduation Project African Ambassadors
My Graduation Project 
Digital Painting Style
African Ambassadors
Have A Dream
" Visual Worldbuilding "
Our Story
Inspired by the famous speech of Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have A Dream”, where he spoke about diversity and living together despite our appearances or differences, we had a dream as well of getting the youth together from all over the world out of their comfort zones where they could discover the world and get to know each other’s while breaking all the stereotypes.
Have A Dream is an organization that was initiated in 2014 by a group of young Egyptians who were inspired by the rich experiences they had while traveling and dreamed of giving the chance to the Egyptian youth in particular and youth from all over the world to get out of their cocoon and be introduced to different cultures as well. Moreover, we aim to strengthen the relationship between the youth from the Middle East through our different programs. 
We organize cultural, voluntary and training opportunities to provide youth the chance to travel and volunteer in different countries all over the world. Our programs are designed to not only be introduced to different cultures, but we also make sure you share your experiences with others as well as adopt new skills to help you improve and rediscover yourself.
In 2015 24 volunteer from have a dream traveled to ghana, we built classes, taught kids and fall in love with africa.
So we decided to launch Africa ambassadors “ we aim to 
•develope Africa’s present & future .
•enchancing the quality of life 
• strengthening the tie with our neighbors.
In the 2 past years 20 adventurer had traveled throughout Africa in a land trip lasted between 25&40 days.
We volunteered, explored, ate, celebrate & collected 320 African kid dream from 9 countries.
In 2019 we decided to let 100 youth present thier egypt throught our third season “ Africa ambassadors 3” 
We are going to cover 20 country through 7 routes with 4 different themes “ medical care , culture exchange, dreams, Africa got talent” 

Slogan Design
another color try 

The Posters Concept
African Ambassadors are presented as superheroes Because they are loved by the African people and consider them so and Colors and backgrounds were chosen based on the dates of each activity

Activities in the morning​​​​​​​
* we explore the lanmard in every country we visit
* we voluanteer on preparing meals to feed kids in poor schools and feeding centers 
* we are keen on building classes and teach kids to improve thier present and future  

Activities in the evening
* we meet locals in every country we visit to know thier traditions, culture and food 
* we volunteer with medical campaigns to serve paitients and help medical aworness campaigns
* We held workshops to teach kids the importance of having a dream and how to draw that
In 2018 we lost one of our best heroes who left a finger print in every counry we have visited 
R.I.P Basel 

 " The Life Of Posters "
posters fast skitch
Reference For Drawing 
Model sheet for characeters 
Characeters Design and Drawing steps 
Characters Poses Skiches
Final Characetrs 
" Final posters "
 " interactive Map " 

Printed Pins Mockup 
Printed T-shirt Mockup
Thanx You
My Graduation Project African Ambassadors

My Graduation Project African Ambassadors