Green Bandit
Eco-friendly reusable shopping bags
An imaginary environmentally friendly reusable bag company called Green Bandit. This took a shockingly unconventional approach to the eco-friendly look and targeting an audience often ignored. 
There are four bags, each with four designs and colors:
The grocery bag >>> ripstop nylon
The Shoe bag >>> ripstop nylon
The clothing bag >>> polypropylene
The cosmetics bag >>> polypropylene
Who are we?

Design and art is increasingly being overlooked and forgotten, being deemed "less important" than other areas of studies. Consequently, art in public schools is receiving less governmental funding and these programs are sadly disappearing. These bags are reminding the public that art and design is a catalyst to change.
Just because it’s environmentally friendly doesn’t mean it has to lose its visual appeal.
Green Bandit is a line of eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags that bring focus back to design and its powerful impact on perception. These bags
showcase the power of words, i.e. what sort of impression does one receive upon reading a huge “SHIT?”
To remind our audience about the real purpose of these bags (no, their sole purpose isn’t just to be vulgar) design acronyms are printed on the backside of each bag.
Hey, if you aren’t into the whole eco-friendly look, why not give this look a try?
For every purchase, an amount of the proceeds go towards funding design schools and scholarship programs.