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    branding and execution of Sun Microsystems' travel incentive event
Sun Microsystems
SunRise Event 2008

creative approach:
Event Branding and Conference Stage Setup
All Things Interactive.
Developing WAP, SMS communications, Text-to-Vote and screen capabilities along with on-site mobile support. In the end, over 1,000 Nokia E71’s were configured, personalized and distributed with more than 62k text messages exchanged.

Custom designed and branded phone applications
Event phone basic manual: Quick animated tour of how the Nokia phone and the custom applications work.

Phone to muti-media wall text messaging
Directional Event Signage
Directional Event Signage
Exterior Decoration - Hotel
Exterior Decoration - Hotel
Pre-Trip Elements
On-Site Welcome Package
Branded Beach Towel and Sandels
Table Number Displays
Staff Wearable
Guest Wearable
Event Awards