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Hydraink — Brand Image
Hydraink — Brand Video

The steaming-hot Hydraink Brand Video is proudly one of the chapters of our collaboration with this revolutionary beauty brand with an hi-tech soul. Sassy clubbers, party-lovers,
as well as bold and mercurial: here’s how we pictured Hydraink’s women.
This portrait is the result of a much deeper marketing research, laid out together
with the client: that is the reason why this production is more than a video,
it is a whole manifesto.

Hydraink — Product Showcase

The full-CGI Product Showcase Video for Hydraink was specifically
designed be both sensually feminine and, at the same time, slick and smart.
That’s due to the double nature of this lipstick: it is the outcome of a very fine research development, based on a complex nano-technology driven by a mobile app.
Science, not magic: one product, infinite color combinations.


Hydraink — Brand Image

It was both thrilling and challenging to be responsible for the creative direction
of the whole Hydraink Brand Identity. This role allowed us to have full control
over the bigger picture. Stylistic choices, quality and coherency level across
the wide range of content we produced for the client: it was all on us.

Besides being responsible for the design and the production of the full-CGI motion piece, we also developed the concept for the live-shooting video manifesto, we supervised
the model casting phase, we defined several ideas for the advertising campaign,
we supervised and worked closely with photographers and directors, we crafted the shape of the product itself and its UI app. Finally, we even designed a website in order to convey all the bold and coherent imagery produced for the launch of Hydraink worldwide.



Agency: Ditroit 
Creative Direction: Salvatore Giunta

Production Company: Withstand
Executive Producer: Davide Ferazza
Director: Giada Bossi
DOP: Tommaso Terigi
Animation: Yambo, Claudio Gasparollo
Simulation: Dave Stewart
Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo
UI: Christian Cabiddu
Editing: GDV
Beauty Artist: Rousselos Aravantinos
Color: Orash Rahnema
Producer: Giulia Solia, Noemi Bugli
Audio: Smider

Direction: Ditroit + Yambo Studio
Animation Lead and Editing: Yambo
Animation: Mariusz Becker, Philip Luck, Yambo, Rory McLean
Simulation: Dave Stewart
Lighting and Shading: Claudio Gasparollo
Lipstick Model: Enrico Albanese
UI: Christian Cabiddu, Saar Oz
Producer: Noemi Bugli
Audio: Smider

Photographer: Zoe Mannella
3D Still Life: Christian Cabiddu

Brand: Hydraink
Project Lead: Riccardo D’Alessandri

Hydraink — Brand Image

Hydraink — Brand Image