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    Versatile, adaptable, and simple, SPOT is a refreshing take on industrial lights.
Designers: Nigel Geh, Gloria Ngiam, Guillaume Bloget
SPOT is a multipurpose light that can be hung, hand-held, or simply placed on a surface. It can function as a torch, desk lamp, ambient light, or wall light - use it however and whenever you like!
SPOT features the mobility of conventional torches and industrial work lights, as well as the dynamic rotational movement of theatrical stage lights. The vision for the design was something economic, simple, yet able to be versatile. SPOT runs on a high-powered 10W LED where its on/off switch is integrated into its side joint.
SPOT is adaptable to a variety of situations. The elegant aesthetics of the light allows you to place it anywhere in the comfort of your home without fear of it being obtrusive.
Work desk Context
Indoor Context
Outdoor Context