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Custom typeface designed for a Wixx Telecom

Wixx's new market positioning and brand strategy called for a corporate identity to reflect the utmost technical capacity. As part of the branding project, a custom proprietary typeface was developed to be a key element to establish the desired perception for the brand through a new typographic voice.

An alphabet inspired by monospaced fonts, widely used in contexts perceived as technological, such as typography of code lines; a visual language that is coherent to institutional brand messaging​​​​​​​ for Wixx.

Metric studies were essential for structuring the letters, exploring different heights so that undesired encounters between descenders and diacritics did not happen in the future, or so that the letter-spacing was not too far apart, thus creating undesired blank spaces within the text blocks - overall type design technical aspects needed for all proper type design projects.

Throughout the design process, other than testing with placeholder text - we made a series of prints with company's real technical content, which was very important to see which letters and pairings were required to compose the character map of the font, which in the end has a total of 173 characters covering latin languages. Wixx Mono has opentype features that enrich and give more personality to the project, and it is even possible to quickly write the Wixx logo through these features. We were careful to optimize type design aspect itself, with fewer vector points, the file became lighter and prevented future reading error of the shapes.​​​​​​​

Wixx Mono font family currently supports the Wixx brand in all it's graphics materials, both printed and digital, the typeface satisfies communication needs through it's letters. The new typography carries personality, and shows, with graphics and images, a graphic set of his own.

Design Direction
Rodrigo Francisco

Type Design
Caio Kondo

Branding & Graphic Design
Rodrigo Francisco, Luis Feitoza, Caio Kondo, Felipe Carneiro, Eduardo França & Satsuki Arakaki


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Wixx Mono Typeface