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    Illustrated Ads for Target debut launch in Canada
Late last year I was contacted by the advertising agency KBS+P to collaborate on Target's launch in Canada. We hit the ground running, and soon enough the first campaign was launched in Toronto, Ontario around March 2013. The images are all created using vectors in order to accommodate the various large scale applications of these images, without having to compromise their image quality. It was a tremendous amount of work, but well worth it to see the final presentation on the side of a building! There will be a roll of stores within Canada throughout the year, and with them illustrated ads to go with. I recently went back to Toronto to take a look at the illustrations on display; it was exciting to see the various applications for them, especially the Street cars!!! The illustrations showcase regionally specific landmarks and buildings for various parts of Canada, through their "Can't Wait To Meet You Neighbour" campaign. I was excited when I found out that we were given permission to include the OCAD building (Ontario College of Art and Design) the school that I went to while pursuing my undergrad in Illustration! Many thanks to the creative team at KBS+P as well as Target for involving and trusting me within the creative process.